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MILoCC AIDS Walk Registration card.jpg
The Collective - Community giveback (1).jpg
MILoCC Queer karaoke Mixer.jpg
Connie  Jessie Maes Food Pantry - Grand Opening Invite .jpg
The Collective Entrepreneurial worksho flyer 2023 (3).jpg
The Collective LGBTQ and the Many Faces of Bullying .jpg
The Collective Hot fridays .jpg
The Collectives Variety Show - SOLD OUT .jpg
The Collectives Intergenerational Spa Day 2023 (4).jpg
LGBTQ Youth Speak-Out ll - Final.jpg
1 MILCC Gala Awards Flyer.jpg
1 - MILCC Convention Revised.jpg
HarlemYES - MILCC Financial Empowerment.png
MILCC Living with Endometriosis and Lupus Flyer -3-12-22.jpg
MILCC Dominance of Motherhood Documentary Flyer 5-14-22.jpg
MILCC Black History Month 2022 flier1.jpg
MILCC Movie Invitation .jpg
World Aids Day 2021 .jpg
MILCC Pride Flyer June 4 - 6.jpg
2 Intimate Partner Violence Tears in the
1 - Many Faces of Bullying  .jpg
MIL-MoC Convention - New flyer.jpg
1 - Census LGBTQ Gay City News AD.jpg
2 - Covid-19 - 8-6.jpg
MILCC  Bois Night Out 7-18 (4).jpg
MILCC Sip & Chat.png
March on Washington FLYER LGBTQ1.jpg
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