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The Masculine Identified Lesbians of Color Collective’s (The Collective) mission is to sponsor quarterly discussion groups and workshops, with the distinct goal of empowering a marginalized community of women who in some form or another have or will share similar experiences of rejection or judgement simply because of their identity as Masculine Identified Lesbians of Color.  In addition to creating an intergeneration bonding process, along with a sense of mental and physical balance while living their individual truth and authentic self, discussions will focus on the challenges The Collective's face today and options to enact change to the stigmas associated with being a masculine-identified lesbian in a colored community.   Various breakout workshops will be included, all  designed to address the total wellness of Masculine Identified Lesbians of Color, as both an individual and as an intricate member of the “LGBTQIA family structure” i.e; Business ownership, financial wellness and economic empowerment (budgeting, investments. Self-Care along with other factors necessary to impact the mental and physical wellness, survival and growth of the total person will be

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